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Baby Ecology: let's create the best environment for your baby

Baby Ecology is an award-winning book published in 2022.

Baby Ecology book awards

Dear Reader,

To write this book, I carefully analyzed over 800 scientific papers.

First, I looked with the eyes of a scientist; I kept only what was true for all human babies, regardless of culture and family practices. Then, I looked with the eyes of a parent and kept only what felt important and useful for families to know during the beautiful, tiring, and ever-important first year.

This award-winning book is the result. I hope it helps you understand better, notice more, and worry less.



Praise for Baby Ecology

"I felt seen and cared for while reading this book... This is it. This is THE book." -- Kelsey Pinder, MEd

"Excellent book, well-delivered information, presented in a manner that is easy to read and absorb" -- 2023 Feathered Quill Book Awards (2nd place in Informational Nonfiction, 1st place as Debut Author)

"Baby Ecology (aptly named) is a wonderful guide to any overwhelmed parents seeking guidance. Educational and encouraging." -- Readers' Favorite

"Practical, fact-based and reassuring" --Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Baby Ecology is a compassionate, practical and scientific resource for the parenting journey." -- Janis Keyser, author of Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, PITC Faculty and Facilitator

"A refreshing guide for new parents focused not on specific techniques but rather on the big picture elements that matter most. Highly recommend!" -- Alice Callahan, PhD, author of The Science of Mom

Do you feel overwhelmed with baby advice?

Are you finding that many parenting techniques contradict each other, while all claim to be “best” and “right”?

As a scientist and a mother, Anya Dunham knew there couldn’t be only one right way, and that raising a baby requires more than techniques. She examined hundreds of studies on infant development, sleep, and feeding through the lens of her research field, ecology, and made a key discovery:

There is a biologically optimal nurturing environment for all babies – and within it, a variety of healthy options to meet different babies’ unique needs.

 In Baby Ecology, you will find:

  • Scientific findings most relevant to everyday baby care
  • A shift from techniques (reactively solving problems) to a holistic approach (proactively creating the environment for success)
  • Ten biology-based, interconnected building blocks of the environment that nurtures every baby’s unfolding abilities
  • A guide to creating these building blocks in your home in a way that works best for your unique baby and your circumstances

    Unlike other parenting books, Baby Ecology offers both scientific findings and helpful advice.  Use it to create a strong foundation for your baby, while bringing less stress and more joy to your parenting journey.


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  • 324 pages
  • Each scientific finding is fully referenced (379 bibliographical references) - so you can dig deeper if you like 
  • Includes an index for easy navigation
Why Kidecology and baby ecology
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Reader reviews

Here is what readers like you thought after reading Baby Ecology. Thank you to all the readers for leaving feedback; I really, truly appreciate it.

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Book cover of Baby Ecology book in green and orange featuring an image of a baby sitting on the grass

To write Baby Ecology, I carefully analyzed over 800 scientific papers.

First, I looked with the eyes of a scientist; I kept only what was true for all human babies, regardless of culture and family practices.

Then, I looked with the eyes of a mother and kept only what felt important for young families to know. Hundreds of scientific findings crystallized into 10 key building blocks of baby’s environment that are easy to put in place yet often missing.

A multiple-award-winning book, Baby Ecology will show you what these 10 building blocks are and how to create them in your home and tailor them to your own unique family, so your baby has the support and freedom to sleep well, explore happily, grow into an adventurous eater, and reach their full potential.

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I hope Baby Ecology helps you on your parenting journey.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my book – please drop me a line, leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or another platform of your choice, or use the form below. Reviews really help connect new books with readers who are likely to enjoy them.

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Using hundreds of scientific studies, Baby Ecology connects the dots and helps create the best spaces and experiences for sleep, feeding, and play. Now available in stores!

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